Thrust n Thrive is a metal-ish band based in Montreal. We thrive on offering you a good ear thrust since 2008. To think Thrust n Thrive is to think : pop-rock metal, with a lot of awesome riffs or… every band you like all in one, resulting in the the most awesome musical experience you'll hear nowadays. In fact, we're problably the best band to come out of Ahuntsic in the last 10 years and we do have some aptitudes in playing high, very high... notes, that is. We are working on a new album, meanwhile here are some old shits...

A Reason to believe, recorded and produced by the talented giant Glen Robinson (best known for his work with Voivod). Voted best album of 2011 by your mom. .

What We Went Through. After having played A Reason to Believe over and over again, we went through something of a more aggressive phase, WWWT is a song full of rage with a touch of finess. Single, recorded in 2.44 minutes again by Glen Robinson in late 2011.

Part I Part I is a demo recorded in 2009 by good friend Marc Couturier.

That's it, if you have read the whole text, you're probably high to, so please send us a message and follow us on your favorite your favorite social media.
Yours Truly,
The TNT crew.